This debut collection highlights Shareef's emergence onto the college basketball scene, and serves as the gateway into the life & times of the O'Neal family.

Genesis Collection holders will be eligible to receive ongoing rewards such as exclusive drop access, airdropped NFTs, priority merch, in-person appearances and more.

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This first collection focuses on Shareef's love for the game of basketball, and are backed by his own beats. Perhaps DJ Diesel has some new competition?

Gold Edition
Limited Edition of 24
Silver Edition
Limited Edition of 111
Bronze Edition
Limited Edition of 888


Genesis Collection holders will receive early access to future O'Neal releases, airdropped never-before-seen family photos, and eligible to win autographed jerseys, digital wearables, in-person experiences and more.

We're also pleased to introduce an O'Neal Discord coming in Winter/Spring 2022, with exclusive channels set aside for holders and behind-the-scenes access to O'Neal family content.

We're committed to rewarding those who are here at the beginning. Rookie trading cards, future sneaker or clothing lines, metaverse experiences -- ownership of O'Neal NFTs is your gateway to become a part of the family.


Just by holding NFTs from Shareef's genesis collection, you'll be entered to win one of:

* Custom Shareef BALLERZ (minted into the original 10k set)

* Signed pair of game-worn sneakers

* Meet-and-greet with Shareef

* Play a game of Fortnite with Shareef


Each collection will focus on a different aspect of Shareef's life, whether it be basketball, family, causes, or one of several other passions.


Future collections will also include involvement from Shaqir, Me'arah, Amirah, as well as "momager" Shaunie O'Neal.


Join Shareef in his comeback journey as he emerges stronger from a life-threatening challenge: recovering from heart surgery.

As a champion for health equity, Shareef will donate a portion of proceeds from every drop to advance cardiovascular health for all, including identifying and removing barriers to health care access and quality.